"My session with Eliane turned out to be a celebration. She held space beautifully for the success currently unfolding in my life and I was so happy to be able to openly share things that are so precious to me. I was met by joy, understanding and clarity. Eliane guided me to even deeper embrace my human heart and all the joy it contains. I'm so grateful for this understanding that is bringing me even closer to realizing that I'm already whole."


"Thank you for seeing me, listening to me and helping me become the better version of myself. I have learned to allow myself to make mistakes. This gives me the freedom to gain clarity on walking my path. I have learned that life may not always look exactly how I planned it, but that things are always working out for me. I have now overcome my fears and challenge myself to stretch my comfort zone, doing what I believe in. I am now in touch with my adult self: a woman who embraces her power, who trusts her intuition and direction in life."


"Eliane mirrored me so precise that I suddenly heard my own words and met myself. It was just what I needed to feel brave enough to write a web page about doing what I love and what I am here to do. It was a session that went very deep and honest quickly and I felt seen and safe. I felt accepted and understood.


"With a gentle and firm presence Eliane is able to hold space for wherever you are now. Her ability to listen with depth and reflect back helped me reach a deeper understanding. I found clarity, chich gave me a new sense of focus."


"I want to compliment you hugely on the way you coached me. I really see things much, much clearer now and feel like a deep layer of my ego-structure has been exposed to be transformed. Thank you so much." 


"The way you mirrored my story back to me made me feel seen and accepted. I came up with my own answers and felt empowered to do what I wanted to do." 


"Eliane created a wonderful loving energy which allowed me to feel completely safe to explore my own thoughts and feelings. It resulted in me feeling peaceful, renewed and inspired. As a result of this I took action and started to work on my blog, to exercise and enrolled into a vocational training."


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