• Eliane Haseth

The Jabberwocky

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast/Lockwood

The Jabberwocky jabbed his claws onto the ground

Everything quaked

His piercing yellow eyes declaring annihilation.

My double-headed sword and my courage is all I’ve got

I knew this battle is mine to fight alone

Not much left from my blazing fierce courage

I shudder, my power is waning.

His last blow left me shocked and dizzy

I can barely hold my sword

Lord have Mercy...

He turns around and spreads his wings wide

Yellow eyes piercing me

I see my death coming

Having lost all strength

I surrender.

I defencelessly stare into his golden eyes, crying

Eyes who know me

Eyes who claim me

As his.

He comes closer and makes a dazzling sweep with his sharp tail

The shock waves sway me backwards, chest open.

With sharp precision, his tail pierces right through my heart.

It is done.

I am defeated and melt.

As I gasp my last breath

I see the fierce beauty of his golden eyes one last time.

Filled with awe

Filled with love

Waves of pain – or is it pleasure?

I close my eyes and find peace.

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