• Eliane Haseth

The Dissolution of Secrets

The world is continuing to burn. This year has turned most of us inside out, showing us what needed to be seen, to claim and to let go of. Even fire dragons show up in the sky.

So it happened that I had carried a secret with me all of my life: that of the identity of my biological father. We have done this to ‘protect’ his family on his request. But in truth it is a public secret on Curaçao and Aruba. A month ago, the secret got unequivocally dissolved for his family through a graceful sequence of events. I am left with a sense of justice and peace within as all that is false ruthlessly falls away.

Secrets, shady agenda’s and the destructive are surfacing in order to be dropped. Some may not have the strength to face the collapse of the false identities, beliefs and realities. They will dig deeper into the old. But those of us who long to live a life in truth according to the principles of nature will keep our eyes open. We will see through the madness. Doing so, we anchor the new.