• Eliane Haseth

In the Middle of Nature

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

In the middle of nature

Big rocks, pine trees and birches

Spring's insistent light shines

Increasing vibrancy of perception

Colours, sounds, shapes, textures

Are alive.

I am walking

Breaths of clean air

Fill me with spacious freedom

Pebbles and dirt show my trace

etched by the strength of my legs.

My mind melts and I understand

the birds chirping near and far

Roots extended deep into the soil

gripping rocks, crystals and black darkness.

My new friends are here

Exploring life, love, God.

Our eyes meet

Clear, vulnerably

without polite overlay

Intimately offering our insides

Risking it all Ignited by our longing

For real connection.

Curiosity overruling fear

Touched by all this beauty

I come home

With new friends

And play.

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