• Eliane Haseth


Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I’m a fire starter. I add sparks and fan flames. Elephants in the room are exposed. Stuff you know are there but ignore because they’re scary, uncomfortable. Seeing and feeling this stuff is the only way out. It gets hot. You may want to run. No. Stay in the heat. Face the shadows. This cauldron transforms.

I’m a fire starter. With my diamond bones I hold fires burning beyond bright. I pierce shadows. Boldly present no matter what.

I’m a fire starter. I bring sparkles of aliveness, mirroring your passion. Hearts singing with limitless love and expansion. Spilling over, igniting flames in all.

I’m a fire starter. Catch me if you can. I’m fast as the wind. Electrifying like lightning. I light up the world and bare relentless truth.

With our past as fuel, our present igniting the Divine... we fan each other’s flames. Together we set the world on fire.

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