• Eliane Haseth

Eternal Flame

I shop at a supermarket where they sell the best organic produce on Curaçao and play super-cheesy ‘80s music. Michael Bolton, Chris de Burgh, The Cars, you name it. This morning as I was looking at the avocadoes, I noticed a local man, slender and strong, he could be a fisherman, singing along to ‘Eternal Flame’ from the Bangles. He wasn’t getting all the lyrics right, but I saw he was visibly enjoying the song and himself. Since I like to play, I chimed in and he smiled. Then he said ‘it’s important for you to feel the song. Have the experience of real love in your own life. You could feel this eternal flame for a lover, but also for others in general. For your parents, your life, for the rain, the sea, the trees.’ At this point I knew this man was a kindred spirit. He continued ‘you know, the people who are burning and rioting our island, that’s not right. They’re angry and devoid of love. But they’re necessary. We need a bit of the dark to amplify the light.’ I stood there basking in his wisdom. I told him ‘I’m impressed by the clarity with which you see things, sir. I did not expect to see a colleague on an early Saturday morning like this.' Him: ‘we’re here. And we live love, whatever happens.’