I was born and rased on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. My studies and career took me to the Netherlands and later to the United Kingdom. Change, resilience and genuine connection have been themes of interest throughout my life. The highlight of my Business Administration studies was when a teacher gave me the assignment to study how we can identify things. This is a question about how to know things. She asked me to find insights from many difference disciplines and sources, including my own experience.  This was an experience true academic freedom and I had a blast researching and writing my thesis. I had hoped to find more of that being employed as a PhD researcher at a prestigious university. But I soon had to face the fragmentation, boxes, limitations and biases. I quit because I was not willing to pretend that this was good academic research. I was coming the bigger picture that all is interconnected and we are perpetuating business and societal problems by the very way we think and collaborate. 

Out of lack of a better understanding, I had searched for boxes large enough to accommodate me for two decades. So many different employers, roles and industries. Much searching, contemplation and courses. And now I am peeling that all off. There are no real boxes and we do not need them. We have our genuine curiosity (or lack thereof) to engage with life. When we see reality for what it is we have the choice of doing 'the right thing' for ourselves and all involved, regardless of what this looks like.  


In 2020 the two distinct realities became incredibly clear for me as I could witness a clear separation between them in politics, business, the media, societal structures and choices. I also noticed that these two parts were within as well. One reality is perpetuated by fear, fragmentation, manipulation, control, ignorance, polarisation and lack of respect for others and nature. The other reality that is steeped in ruthless truth, seeing the whole, sincerity, care, genuine collaboration, curiosity and love for nature. Alas the latter reality is not very prevalent in society (yet). I am very excited to be part of the many who are uniquely contributing to a healthy and thriving society and planet. In these unchartered waters, there are no maps to help us navigate. We are the ones who explore and create the maps.