I believe there is a uniqueness to who we really are deep down inside. Some people call it essence, soul or being. Poets and mystics mention our soul's yearning to engage with life from our deepest qualities and gifts. How profound are we willing to reach and engage? I share the gifts received from my teachers through the art of holding space and coaching. Spaces in which to deepen relationship with self and others, with the aspiration of contributing to a thriving society and planet.

I have a Masters in Business Administration and have designed and delivered transformative programmes in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition I have also worked as an academic researcher, copywriter and promotional video producer. I was born and rased on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. My studies and career took me to the Netherlands and later to the United Kingdom. I love holding space for individuals and groups to discover their essence, become more embodied, develop presence and increase their emotional intelligence. 

I am certified in the international Zen Coaching Network and have been offering coaching since 2015. Zen Coaching is an approach to coaching where people drop into the present moment (zen) and explore what is important to them. The biggest lesson I have received by practicing Zen Coaching so far is that there is nothing to fix. Unconditionally embracing moment-to-moment reality is my ongoing practice. I have been influenced by academic scholars like David Bohm, Brené Brown and Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The spiritual teachers, practices and schools have been many and I have been on the path of meditation since 2004. Next to my offerings as a coach, I dance and write poetry.

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