creating the future, one choice at the time.

The world is burning. It is a challenging time. A lot has been coming out, within and without. A lot is still about to take place. It is up to us how we deal with these times. We get to practically create the future we want to be part of, one choice at the time. 

Like many of us, I have grown out of boxes. I initiate new ideas and ways of seeing. I participate in collaborations that are a full hearted YES. I am here with you, to build the kind of reality we want to be part of. I am a deep listener, a dreamer, a friend, a trigger of sudden seeing, a nature loving swimming, dancing systems thinker. Together we create the new healthy, life giving collaborations, technologies and new forms of economic exchange with deep care for others and this precious planet. 


"Eliane really listens and reflects back to me exactly what I mean, even if it is different from what I am saying in the moment. I love how open she is and that she expresses herself in such a non-judgmental, caring way. It feels like we are working on a project together, building off of one another's strengths."


"I want to compliment you hugely on the way you supported me. I really see things much, much clearer now and feel like a deep layer of my ego-structure has been exposed to be transformed. Thank you so much." 



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I am not on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn anymore. I do not agree with the censorship and how they store and sell user information. Instead, I support open-source platforms that do not sell our information and where people can share freely. For now I am perched on my own website, sharing my articles.