About me

Hi, I am Eliane. I assist people to drop into their bodies, listen to their heart's call and take inspired action. I offer ways to deepen relationships and co-creation, with the aspiration of contributing to a thriving society and planet.


The driving force throughout my life has been to explore and understand how to be grounded in our truest essence and live life from this space. I have discovered that when I am tapped into my aliveness, the whole world bends around me to reflect that. There is a heightened sensitivity to the senses. Things happen that normally would not happen. I call it magic. I am fascinated by how we can meet and relate with others from this authentic and embodied state of being. A deepening of intimacy takes place. We get to do really cool things. It is co-creating at its best. It takes courage to show up fully like this. There is an edge of comfort in exploring the radically new. It is not always easy. But there is sweetness in letting the moment unfold and practicing to artfully move with it.    


I am trained in Zen Coaching and have been offering coaching since 2015. I use tools such as Non-Violent Communication, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment practices and positive psychology in my work. I have been on a personal development journey since 2001 and draw from different spiritual practices, schools and traditions. Life itself is a teacher and I honour all the rascals, friends, lovers, clients and my parents who have helped me become who I am today. My other teachers include Kåre Landfald, Jackson Peterson, Tenzin Wangyal Rimpoche, Byron Katie, Natalie Lue, Brené Brown, Abraham Hicks, Jeff Foster, Londin Angel Winters, David Deida, Juliet Haines and Eli Buren.


I was born and raised on Curaçao, a Caribbean island that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I have lived in the Netherlands for twenty-three years and am now based in Oxford, United Kingdom. I have a Master in Science in Business Administration and have worked as an academic researcher, interpersonal skills trainer, stakeholder dialogue facilitator and learning designer for experiential learning programmes.